Enterprise IT Services Management

Businesses, whether private sector or government, depend on their IT services for day-to-day operations. At DWS, we work with our clients to design, maintain or upgrade their IT services for a more efficient and streamlined system. Every solution is designed with cybersecurity as a forerunner. As information technology  has continued to evolve, so have the threats to data security.


Enterprise managed services includes items such as patches, updates, cloud servicing,network maintenance, and monitoring.  DWS utilizes innovative hardware and software tools to combat and thwart issues before they arise. This enables our client's network to maintain availability, confidentiality, and integrity. We employ the latest technologies, process and best practices to protect your networks, computers, programs and data from attacks, damage and unauthorized access.


As an Enterprise service manager, DWS monitors, reports and remedies threats and vulnerabilities to ensure a safe operating environment. Using network monitoring tools in conjunction with remote capabilities, DWS can meet or exceed the service level requirements (SLR) presented by the client. These state of the art tools allow DWS to maintain and comply with compliance regulations.

As O365 specialists, DWS can operate and maintain a clients cloud environment. From exchange to Azure AD, our team of experts efficiently manage these services for optimal usage.